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Hello, I’m Holli Beth, and I’m thrilled to share a little about myself with you. I’m more than an entrepreneur – I’m a visionary, a pet mom, and an advocate for creating lasting, positive change in the business landscape.

My journey is a fusion of family values and professional purpose. With my daughter, Haley, by my side as a dedicated Talent Advisor, my son, Nicholas, aspiring to carve his path as a BCBA, and my steadfast partner, Mark, offering a decade of expertise, our mission resonates through every facet of our lives.

My journey as a mom extends beyond just my human and furry companions. It extends to two initiatives that mean the world to me – Behavioral Talent Consulting™ (BTC) and ABA C.A.R.E.S.™ Staffing (CARES). These initiatives are born from my fervent desire to create solutions that blend the needs of individuals with the demands of businesses so that there is continuity in the care for others.

At the core of all my work lies a simple yet powerful vision: creating relatable, repeatable, and people-centered solutions. Success, in my view, goes beyond mere numbers; it’s about crafting an environment where people grow, teams collaborate seamlessly, and obstacles become openings for opportunities.

Through BTC and CARES, I’m not just offering services – I’m crafting a legacy of impact. Every strategy, every solution is a step towards a future where individuals, teams, and organizations thrive. My goal is to leave a mark that transcends the business world, touching the realms of personal growth, fulfillment, and positive transformation.

My personal journey adds depth to this mission. I grappled with challenges like being nonvocal as a child due to undiagnosed apraxia and autism, struggles that continued into adulthood. However, in hindsight, these experiences have given me a unique perspective. They’ve underscored the vital importance of establishing secure spaces where every individual’s voice finds a receptive audience. This cause fuels an immense passion within me, one I’m committed to championing.

So, that’s a little glimpse into my world – a world where family, passion, and positive change come together to create something truly impactful. I’m Holli Beth, Founder of Behavioral Talent Consulting™ and ABA C.A.R.E.S.™ Staffing, and I would love to hear your story and how we may help.