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Our assessment is like an X-ray for your company – we provide a detailed picture of your organization’s overall health and reveal any underlying issues which may cause retention trouble and inefficiencies which are holding you back.

Just as you wouldn’t wait until a medical emergency to see a doctor, it’s crucial not to delay scheduling a Retention Assessment.



Our performance management, culture-building, and retention strategies work together to create a positive work environment which promotes employee engagement, accountability, and collaboration.

We help cultivate a loyal, committed, and healthier workforce which contributes to your organization’s growth and success and translates into more care delivered.


We assess your current hiring and retention practices to implement a successful retention-focused hiring strategy. This involves gathering data on employee turnover rates, recruitment costs, and employee engagement levels. Once we have this data, we can hypothesize which behavior changes will drive the outcomes you seek. We then develop a custom organizational behavior plan.


The next step is to develop a retention-focused strategy. This involves identifying the key indicators you are looking for in potential employees and creating a process designed to attract and retain these individuals. Our developed method improves new hire retention through our onboarding, staffing, and training of new employees. We’ll work with you to create employee life-cycle initiatives to support ongoing professional development, employee relations, and staff engagement.


By following these steps, we can implement a successful retention-focused business strategy to help you build a stable and engaged workforce, increase revenue opportunity, reduce turnover, and ultimately better serve the families you serve.

Questions On How We Remove Barriers to Help More Families?

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Real Lives, Real Impact:

Erica Crowley
BCBA, Owner & Director, Thrive Behavioral Consulting

Company Name

I opened my own business, and within months, it was obvious that while I could do my clinical work, I needed more help. Holli came in and organized all my business processes. Not only did she organize it, but she took care to organize it in the way my brain works best. I honestly don’t know where I’d be today without her!

Jonathan Mueller
Co-Founder &
Element RCM/
Ascend Behavior

Company Name

Holli Beth supported building an entirely new talent acquisition function (and team!) at ascend and oriented the team around values-based recruiting. She communicates clearly and directly (both written and verbal) and she’s a lifelong learner. Any organization would be super fortunate to have Holli Beth.

Jacob Bradly
Ph.D. CEO, PsycTalent

Company Name

Holli Beth is both a savvy recruiter and one of the best-known talent specialists in the ABA space. More importantly, she is a force for good in ABA and the larger autism community. She brings an impressive mix of skill, positivity, and passion to her work.